HO Scale Models

Wood, laser-cut model kits of historical B & O sites in HO scale. This selection currently includes models for advanced or intermediate skilled modelers. Scroll to the bottom of this page to view short descriptions of the difficulty level. If you’re interested in placing an order, please visit the Order Now page!

Brunswick Station- HO Scale Model Kit
Brunswick Station


Ilchester Station- HO Scale Model Kit
Ilchester Station


Dickerson Station- HO Scale Model Kit
Dickerson Station


Ellicott City Station- HO Scale Model Kit
Ellicott City Station


St. Denis HO Model Kit
St. Denis Station


Germantown HO Model Kit
Germantown Station


B&O WD Tower Model Kit
B&O WD Tower


Pennsylvania Tower
Pennsylvania Signal Tower


B & O Tower
B & O Tower


Difficulty Levels:

Beginner- No painting, just assembling. May need to do some minor fittings
Intermediate- Painting, moderate complex roof assembly, simple stair structures
Advanced-Complex painting schemes, complex roof assembling and multi-run stair structures

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