B&O Tower

B & O Tower


The B&O tower is based on a standard design used by the railroad around the turn of the century and was used for signaling and switching at blocks, yard entry and exit points. Each tower was sized based on its switch number requirements. The specific window and door arrangements were modified based on site conditions and the exterior was originally painted in the traditional cream color that is used on so many B&O structures.

This B & O tower modeled is based on 12 ft. x 18 ft. standard provided by The B & O Historical Society.

Model #:  2012     

Price: $55

Difficulty Level: Advanced – Complex painting schemes, complex roof assembling and multi-run stair structures

Dimensions: approx. 1 ¾” x 2 ¼” (base)


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    • Tony, I am working on the prototype model now, checking to make sure all of the parts fit, while at the same time maintaining the details. Maybe another month or so before I feature on the site. Thanks so your interest and comment!

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