Brunswick Station

Brunswick Station

The Brunswick Station (west bound) was built in 1891 on the west bound side of the Brunswick yards. It was designed by Francis Baldwin in a fashion similar to that of the B&O standardized stations on the Metropolitan line to Washington DC. The distinctive characteristic for this station are the Palladian windows in the dormer that face the track side. The station is still used today as a commuter stop for Washington DC bound workers. The Brunswick east bound station (pictured in the Model Gallery) was built in 1907, between 2nd and 3rd streets, and north of the C&O canal. The station was removed in the early 1980′s after fire and lack of repair.  Both stations are available as separate kits.

Model # 2007 (west bound)  #2011(east bound)

Price:  $110 (west bound) $60 (east bound)

Difficulty Level: 

Advanced(west bound) – Complex painting schemes, complex roof assembling and multi-run stair structures

Intermediate(east bound) – Painting, moderate complex roof assembly, simple stair structures

Dimensions  : approx. 4 ½” x 9 ¼”
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