Modeling eClinics

Hershey-Beginner eClinic


Assembling a Laser Cut Wood Model- Beginner Clinic


  1. Review of kit components (Part check)
  2. Pre-paint most parts before assembly
  3. Gluing and assembly of walls and base
  4. Assembly of roof- Base, Shingles
  5. Apply walls/trim details


Kit Components:

Modelling eClinic-Kit Components

* foil and emery board not included in kit

Why Pre-paint?

•I have found that  it is easier to pre-paint the majority of parts prior to construction because:
•No masking is required
•Model is complete after the gluing process
•Paint dries consistently to reduce variations
•Rough edges can be filed smooth prior to assembly.

Before proceeding with construction, feel edges of wood pieces for rough burrs. Use emery board included to gently sand edges if needed.

Gluing and Assembly of Walls and Base

•Please apply a quarter sized spot of white glue to your foil sheet.
•Use the scorer stick tip to apply glue to the sides,  back wall, and attach. Apply light pressure and let dry.
modling clinic-foil
modeling clinic-glue
modeling clinic-glue

Be careful not to apply too much excess  glue as this will ooze onto surfaces and will need to be removed promptly.

•After gluing 3 walls and allowing approx. 1-2 minutes to dry, apply glue to base and attach walls
modeling clinic-glue walls
modeling clinic-glue walls


Roof Base Assembly
•Fold flat roof structure to create ridge that fits shed (fold at score line)
•Apply glue to roof along edges to be attached (careful not to apply glue to front edge)
roof assembly
roof assembly
roof assembly


Roof Shingles
•Peel and remove sticky back paper from roof shingles, one side at a time
•Apply sticky side down to roof structure, aligning the etched shingle design parallel to ridge

pic 11 modeling clinic

pic 12 modeling clinic

pic 13 modeling clinic

Trim and Details
•Apply glue to wood trim parts
•Apply glued trim parts to each side and back of the structure
•Be sure to align top trim to underside of  roof  (no gaps)
•Apply small spot of glue to ridge sign and apply. Align to middle of structure.

applying trim

pic 15 modeling clinic

pic 16 modeling clinic

pic 17 modeling clinic

Final Product!
Final ProductFinal Product

View purchasable beginner modeling kit in N Scale: Beginners Modeling Kit

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  1. Mark…..

    Based on your “Beginner Clinic”, it looks like at least some of your kits come ready-painted. Is that true for all of them….particularly Brunswick w/b station.


    • Hi Tom,

      The Brunswick kit does not come ready-painted. However, if you’re interested in a ready-painted kit, I’d be willing to do so for an extra fee. If you fill out the order form and note that you’d like a ready-painted kit, we can discuss further details without commitment to purchase. Thanks for the question!

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